Guendalina Fiore is a Rome-based photographer specialized in creative and portrait photography. Her artworks describe herself through a genuine and eclectic style, characterized by a sense of familiar warmth. She tells stories about ordinary people living ordinary lives, something anyone could be familiar with.

I tell stories that talk about ordinary people living ordinary lives. Something anyone could be familiar with. I’m for a kind of photography that is more narrative and less conceptual.

Which is your first photographic memory?
Hard to say! Probably some pictures of myself taken by my dad.
Could you describe yourself with a book, a song and a movie?
Nice question! I’m gonna pick the movie “About time”. It’s not a blockbuster and not many people know it but it’s a comedy that perfectly represent my idea of happiness. Choosing a song is very difficult right now because there are so many that I can’t even remember all of them. Let’s say “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin. Lastly, the book “ Pride and Prejudice”.
Which of your pictures would you choose to introduce yourself?
“The Dreamers”. The one of the two tattooed lovers laying in bed in each other’s arms.
A famous picture, not yours, you would have liked to take.
A picture of Henri Cartier-Bresson (I don’t know if it has a title) shooted in Italy in 1933. It’s a a black and white photo of two naked lovers (yes I love lovers) in a lake. You can see only the back of the guy holding the girl who is laying in the water with her legs around the boy’s hips.
A famous person you would like to portray.
There are so many! I would like to portrait Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander or Mick Jagger.
Let’s start from your personal project “Youth”: you unveil instants of intimacy in the everyday life of a young generation, you are the interpreter of those pure, genuine emotions featuring the lost innocent and carefree days of youth. You fix gestures, gazes, non-verbal elements able to touch the observer’s feelings. How could you reach this result?
I think all of this is an unconscious process. I don’t really think about what I want the observer to get, I just recreate moments according to my personal idea of beauty and to my own sensibility in that specific moment.
I always try to extrapolate the best from the people I’m working with, each one of them give a different contribution to my work. My goal is to represent moments of life that could be familiar to anyone, not a simple portrait of a beautiful girl.
If the observer feel something looking at my pictures, as you said, then I’m truly happy.
While observing your photographs, we notice that the human figure is central to your art. Who are the subjects of your works? What have you discovered up till now, by investigating the inner nature of people?

Mine isn’t an investigation actually. I just love portrait photography. For example, sometimes I think that a landscape could express much more with a human figure in the picture. I prefer to work with my friends and people who I already know because I know what I can expect from them and I’m never disappointed. I believe that you get different results according with the feeling of the people you are working with. The fact that I’m not investigating the inner nature of people is testified by the fact that I ask them to interpret a role and not to be themselves. But there is so much of the interpreter in the character that you see in the picture.
A subtle, gentle touch of melancholy can be perceived throughout your photographs. You portray moments of time: brief, fragile instants that will not come back. Where does this melancholy come from?
In a certain way my work describe who I am. I could be considered a melancholic person and I firmly believe that sadness is a stronger feeling than happiness.
It doesn’t mean that I want to spread sadness with my photos of course but I know that even if I’m representing a moment of joy, as could be for love or friendship between young girls, there is always that feeling of melancholy and nostalgia that characterize my work.
Your photographs have a direct communicative potential and a visual impact on the observers. You are a visual story-teller of secret stories. Stories that do not need words to be true, just the right time and place to be lived. Who are these stories about? Where do you take your inspiration from?
I tell stories that talk about ordinary people living ordinary lives. Something anyone could be familiar with. I’m for a kind of photography that is more narrative and less conceptual. My inspiration comes from many different sources. First of all, of course, other photographers. I’m mostly fascinated by photographers from the past like Vivian Maier, Alfred Eisenstaedt and Henri Cartier-Bresson. It’s probably because I particularly like that historical period, the America of the 50’s and 60’s. There are also many contemporary photographers I like as for example Peter Lindbergh and many more!! I’m also inspired by filmmaking especially regarding light and themes.

In a certain way my work describe who I am. I could be considered a melancholic person and I firmly believe that sadness is a stronger feeling than happiness.

Your works have been exposed in many cities all around the world, from London to Chicago, from Barcelona, to Shanghai, and they have been published in many known magazines also. Lately, you’ve taken part to the “MOPLA Group Show” in Los Angeles. What is driving you to become a professional photographer?
Some years ago my answer would have been “ I only take pictures for myself because I like it”. Now my point of view is drastically changed. When you achieve some good results that you wouldn’t have expected and you see that what you do is in some way appreciated, you start thinking that maybe photography could be an option. The fact that, little by little, I’m getting discovered by the photographic world makes me wanna do more and better. The level of the people out there is so incredibly high that the only way to make it is to keep yourself motivated. It’s not always easy!
Your next project.
I haven’t been shooting a lot for my personal projects lately so I have many ideas in my mind to put into practice. Some of them will be single shooting. I also would like to collaborate with new people as fashion stylists and make up artists to try to do something a bit more “elaborated” than my usual. But my most ambitious plan is to work on a brand new project with my best friend who is a writer. I already know how I want to title it and how I want to set it up, but I still have to arrange all the details! It will talks about life in its most general and wide meaning.
Your main flaw and quality.
My flaw is probably that I’m a bit too insecure. My quality is that I’m a good and trustworthy person.
Make a wish.
I wish to find my place in this World.

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