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Yana Toyber was born in Ukraine and moved to New York City at the age of two. Her career as an artist started as a dancer with the NYC ballet. At the age of 11, she performed while attending the School of American ballet on scholarship. Entering her teen years Yana found ballet too ridged to be an art form and found a new love of artistic expression in photography. During her high school years she won numerous contests including Scholastics arts and an NFAA award. She attended the School of visual arts where she earned her BFA and was then ready to take on the art world as well as pop culture. Yana has contributed for various publications such as the Fader, Vanity fair and Nylon magazine to name a few. Her work has also been featured in W, Zoo magazine and Modern painters. [...]

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Yana Toyber


From: 4 Sale

Limited edition to: 10 + 2 AP

2010 / USA / Analogue

4 sale is a project and collaborative experiment where 4 female visual artists used one another bodies to create personal bodies of work.
The theme was nude and all artists had their own vision when creating the work.
The body of work was very publicized appearing in W magazines art issue in 2010 and in Modern Painters, Zoo magazine and many more online publications.
It was exhibited in New York, Moscow and Poland.
The concept and work was unique and inspiring possibly fueling the popularity of the current feminist art movement we are seeing now.

Starting from 1.500 

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Production time: 30 Days

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