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Wiktor Franko was born in Poland in 1983. In 2007 he finished polish philology with art studies. Then he has sterted photography. He is mainly interested in portrait and fashion photography, but also conceptual photography. His photography is classical black and white portraits, surrealistic conceptual works and fashion and natural lifestyle photo series. He took part in few group and solo exhibitions and has been published in various magazines. He worked with musicians and writers on their music album and book covers. He is lover of classical photo techniques - he uses polaroids, and different analog film cameras. Emotions and atmosphere, sincerity and truth is what he describes to be the most important thing in his photography. [...]

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Wiktor Franko


Limited edition to: 6 + 2 AP

2012 / Poland / Analogue

Black and white analogue middle format photograph. Photo is part of surrealistic series where girl with spaceman suit is placed in public space.I wanted to show the contrast between person and space where she is. I like the atmosphere of sadness witch I can feel looking at this photo. What I wanted to say with this series that sometimes all of us feels like those Cosmonauts on strange planet.

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Production time: 30 Days

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