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Troy was born and raised in a small rural farming community. Living in rural America has been the backdrop and setting that have helped Troy refine his vision. In the past few years he has chosen to work with his son in creating handcrafted worlds. Together they have found a love of recreating dreams and haunting emotions. Troy holds a BFA in Fine Art Photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and is currently working on his MFA. His work has been seen in Black and White Magazine, Plates to Pixels, F-Stop, Adore Noir Magazine and is a 2015 Critical Mass finalist; along with galleries from Miami to Portland. [...]

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Troy Colby

Fleeting Upward

From: Memories from Sorrow

Limited edition to: 10 + 2 AP

2015 / USA / Digital

In the midst of a downward spiral of loss and hope. While losing a loved one, combined with this feeling of not feeling comfortable within our own home. My son and I created something new for the both of us out of these emotions. Allowing us to create new positive memories to be shared.

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Production time: 30 Days

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