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Serena Vittorini was born in L'Aquila where she lives. She has loved photography since she was a child but only after graduating in Psychology she decided to devote herself to the study of photography, at ISFCI (Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication). In addition to her studies she started working as a freelance photographer focusing mostly on commissions related to portraiture and still life. Besides her professional career she also dedicates herself to the artistic career. After exploring some techniques such as light painting, she could produce personal projects which have been included in group and solo shows. Keen observer of everyday life, she lives photography as a tool for telling her thoughts in a personal way describing faces of people crossing her path. In her work individuals who are sometimes isolated from their social context emerge, guiding the attention to their typical features, sometimes overwhelmed by the grotesque surroundings. [...]

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Serena Vittorini

Sine Qua Non #4

From: Sine Qua Non

Limited edition to: 20 + 2 AP

2017 / Italy / Digital

The aesthetic choice arises from my daily vision and derives from the disciagement of my relationship with L'aquila. White gives me a respite from affliction, so she has always been a child. White still today seems to me a way to exorcise the reality of my hometown. But not only, it becomes a sign of a reconstruction, mine as well as its own. Objects represented are inevitable and compulsive in the streets and squares of the yard city and are not liberated by a strong symbolic component (balance level, bricks as part of a single and solid corpus, tubes for the dumping of waste material, painting for a new facade). My instinct was to act on the context, reworking it. Speaking about reality. By manually modifying commonly used tools (used to build, found on site) and transforming them into the white that makes not fascinating objects something unexpectedly beautiful. Deconstructing them from everyday maras and placing them on a neutral backdrop under the lights of the same lanterns that each night illuminates the street I decide to give them another life, an alternative reality of essential beauty, “conditio sine qua non” of a process of symbolic resilience.

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Production time: 30 Days

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