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Serena Vittorini was born in L'Aquila where she lives. She has loved photography since she was a child but only after graduating in Psychology she decided to devote herself to the study of photography, at ISFCI (Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication). In addition to her studies she started working as a freelance photographer focusing mostly on commissions related to portraiture and still life. Besides her professional career she also dedicates herself to the artistic career. After exploring some techniques such as light painting, she could produce personal projects which have been included in group and solo shows. Keen observer of everyday life, she lives photography as a tool for telling her thoughts in a personal way describing faces of people crossing her path. In her work individuals who are sometimes isolated from their social context emerge, guiding the attention to their typical features, sometimes overwhelmed by the grotesque surroundings. [...]

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Serena Vittorini

Foo dëkk? #2

From: Foo dëkk?

Limited edition to: 20 + 2 AP

2016 / Italy / Digital

The photographic project was done in a Rome SPRAR center. The Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (SPRAR) is a network of “second reception centers” intended to asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection.It is intended to promote social and economic integration of people already have a form of international protection and aims to encourage those who arrive in the Italian territory of the integration process through the acquisition of a new-found autonomy. I knew Sarabba and Sidibbe, two boys from Mali. My attention was focused on the aspirations of both and on suggestions that I found during the time spent with them at the center. Particularly I was fascinated by Sarabba, young guy with a passion for football, which has a scar on the navel due to the severing of the cord procedures carried out in Africa. This scar is a clear sign of the birth that is linked to childhood and to the game, a naivety which still retains in his eyes when he trains. Sidibbe loves nature, I have indeed tried to portray him in moments that could be representative of this attitude.Enter the intimacy of these young men has allowed me to share some of their daily lives. Personal spheres far from ours reveal a strong sensitivity, sprung from human frailty. Needs, aspirations and frustrations of those who had to abandon their land, have shared nuances that go beyond the activation of a superficial empathy.

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Production time: 30 Days

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