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Born in 1988 in the South West of France, Romain starts his career by photographing the forgotten patrimony of his region. Passionate about beautiful images since ever, he specializes in 2009 in urban photography. Romain explores abandoned, empty places with his camera; he is attracted to unusual, out of time areas and mysterious places forgotten by everyone. The main purpose of Romain’s art is to capture the peaceful atmosphere of abandonment he felt while exploring; he perfectly shows the mood, texture and light of places people are no longer attracted to. He dives into spaces that everyone believes are empty and strolls for hours, trying to offer a universal and forgotten vision which is majestically renewed. Currently living in Montpellier, South East France, he is now exploring the rest of the world and still looking for abandoned places. His images are now exhibited in France and America, and they have also been published in a number of international magazines. [...]

Photographer profile

Romain Thiery

Red Cross

From: Innocence Lost

Limited edition to: 10 + 2 AP

2015 / France / Digital

Innocence Lost collects a series of shots about old places full of mystery and fascination. Everything there is abandoned, shadows change quickly, but the traces of the past lives are still perceptible. After observing the surrounding environment, Romain slowly immerses himself in that kind of living nothingness.

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Production time: 30 Days

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