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He was born in 1973 and lives a stone's throw from the sea in Italy and discovered photography by chance after technical studies and a job as an engineer. For several years is a freelance photographer, professional writing at TAU ​​Visual, alternating commercial work and art exhibitions. He has exhibited in Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Arles, Turin, Genoa, Rome, in collective and personal. The author paints vanishing women, his pictures need both semantic and iconographic interpretation, trascending mere sight and almost resulting into story-telling. Each image refers to a single story but can also be read starting from a particular feature. The same creative process is used in metaphysical art: an unusual environment places the main subject within a scene highlighting the importance of the present moment by drawing the attention to words behind each composition made of a single character in relation to a narrative background. [...]

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Riccardo Bandiera

What does the word vacancy mean

From: Atlas Over Arteries

Limited edition to: 9 + 2 AP

2017 / Italy / Digital

Insects account for approximately 70% of the species existing on the planet and are believed to be among the oldest colonizers of the emerged lands. The complexity of the social structures with which some of these species are organized has always been a reference for human societies. If there is a millennial relationship, ultimately this is the link between man and insects: an ambivalent relationship that has influenced the economy, nutrition and the habits of society through the course of the centuries.
Atlas Over Arteries by Riccardo Bandiera is a photographic project between an entomological handbook and a “human geography atlas” where the body moves into a map to project adventurous explorers' routes and celebrate symbiosis and reunion between the Individual and Nature.
A true encyclopaedia sum that seeks to overcome the boundary between human anatomy and ecosystem in which woman takes on the role of a true Ancilla Naturae, almost a votive altar dedicated to the sacredness of the Creation.

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Production time: 30 Days

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