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Maya Beano was born in Amman, Jordan in 1991 and she currently lives in Cambridge, UK where she works as a research scientist. She has roots in both countries and her photography projects are based in these two countries, as well as in other faraway parts of the world. Having been in love with both science and photography her entire life, Maya has only recently found the time and energy to focus on her art. She has spent the last few years photographing nature’s ever-changing moods as a portrayal of her own thoughts and feelings, and she is fascinated by this interplay between nature and human emotion. Her medium of choice is 35mm film because of the therapeutic tangibility it provides. She enjoys transforming surreal moments in nature into visual narratives, drawing on themes of memory and nostalgia. This has resulted in a great number of photographic series from her journeys near and far.  [...]

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Maya Beano

Cloud Dwellers

From: Alpine Blues

Limited edition to: 7 + 2 AP

2015 / United Kingdom / Analogue

Cloud Dwellers was taken on top of the Männlichen in Switzerland in 2015. 

Starting from 320 

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Production time: 30 days

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