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Mario Kroes was born in Germany in 1986, currently living between Los Angeles and New York. Moved by a burning desire to create art, he left his corporate job at the age of 26 to pursue a career in photography. Inspired by big names such as Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and Alexander McQueen, Mario decided to teach himself photography with the intention of creating an impact on people through art. Mario's approach to photography is very deliberate and calculated — rarely does he leave things to chance. To quote his own word, he "does not know of a better feeling than creating something from nothing, to turn something that was once just a thought into something real." [...]

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Mario Kroes

Daria’s Eye

From: Daria

Limited edition to: 10 + 2 AP

2015 / Germany / Digital

From a personal project with Daria.

Starting from 1.000 

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Production time: 30 Days

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