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Luca Galavotti (1981) is an Italian photographer. Attracted by everything related to communication and visual arts, he started photographing in the early 2000s during his university studies. He first began taking pictures of his surrounding, then for five years he has been working for a photography agency, traveling in many different places, in Italy and Europe. Galavotti’s photography investigates the relationship between places and human beings, and especially how these elements impinge on each other, in a sort of symbiosis. His sharply composed and chromatically compelling images feature people mostly in a secondary capacity, primarily capturing landscapes and urban environments in a tightly cropped, almost geometrical system. His clean style allows him to create a balance among himself and the subject, because Galavotti says that “both of us have something to tell”. A tireless traveler, his work is heavily influenced by these experiences. Aside his personal projects, Luca G [...]

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Luca Galavotti

Untitled #1

From: Nonluoghi

Limited edition to: 7 + 2AP

2015 / Italy / Digital

This image is part of series Nonluoghi, a visual research about those spaces in which thousands of individualities cross each other without getting in touch, driven by desire to spend and to accelerate everyday tasks.

Starting from 450 

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Production time: 30 Days

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