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Irena Fabri (3th November 1986) studied at Dunav Film School, Department for Film and TV Editing, where she graduated in 2008. She started her professional career as a video editor for various TV companies, as well as First Assistant Director on feature films. Her first documentary movie “Awakening” was premiered in 2011 at “Beldocs” festival. Her work is usually based in the field of directing documentaries, campaigns and short movies. Irena shows her artistic sensibility through photography. Photography largely relies on her main profession and is therefore quite cinematic and recognizable. Since 2014 she’s member of UFUS (Film Artist Association of Serbia). [...]

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Irena Fabri


From: Face Me

Limited edition to: 5 + 2 AP

2013 / Serbia / Analogue

This photograph is actually a part of a diptych, and joining those two ideas creates a message which is significant to me. If you except the other one, as it is, the first has a documentary character. It shows tops of the French Alps I captured on a holiday.
Although I live in a city, I feel mountains as my natural habitat. When it is not winter season, I try to manage in the city environment, to survive. The state of my mind is conditioned by factors which define the city. The need to distance and hide myself is a way to survive in the general chaos of society, which is inevitable in the process of degradation.
The first photograph was captured in the Alps, as I said, and the other one in Spain half a year later. I accidentally noticed a great similarity in the composition of the mountain peaks and marine, coastal rocks. The diptych is a portrait of my soul, all my thoughts and feelings brought by the circumstances in my life, and shown as freedom in contrast to rigidness-mountains in contrast to the city.

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Production time: 30 Days

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