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Gaofeng Yu is a Chinese photographer based in Hohhot (Inner Mongolia) where he is currently working as photography teacher at the Inner Mongolia Business & Trade Vocational College. He was born and raised in the Jiangnan district in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, a place he still misses a lot. He discovered photography during high school, when a classmate of him landed him a manual SLR camera. From then on, he started to think about photography as something magical and he fell in love with pictures. For this reason, he and his elder brother gradually started to make some savings to buy a fully automatic camera. Later, he decided to enroll in a professional photographic course at University and since then on his shooting technique has been developing. He enjoys so much his career as a former photographer. [...]

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Gaofeng Yu

About the Sea #3

From: About the Sea

Limited edition to: 6 + 2 AP

2017 / China / Digital

About the Sea collects memories from Gaofeng Yu’s past time in Ningbo City in the Zhejiang Province. While there, he was able to stay alone, imagine and think, surrounded by mystery. In the poem that accompanies his series, he says, “Island. My fate is like an island. A boat carries my time. I try to read in isolation, I try to stroke my little spotted dog, I try to ponder, peacefully, and waiting silently. Then, I get to know, I can do a lot of things alone. However, I have lost the peaceful time I ever had”. A few more verses in the poem “About the Sea” continues to express that Gaofeng still misses much of the place where he was born and grew up.

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Production time: 30 Days

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