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Dorit Fuhg, born 1973 in Lauter/Germany, is a freelance photographer. Inspired by traditional film photography, she focuses on fine-art black & white photography. The driving force behind making pictures is her interest in anything naturally beautiful, recording moments and documenting her surroundings. Her work is found in private collections, public spaces of large cooperation and art dealer’s catalogues in Germany and abroad. She has held numerous solo exhibitions while also participating in joint and group exhibitions. Some of her photographs have been featured in international publications such the "1x.com Year Book". As Co-Founder of the Art-for-Cancer Group, Dorit helped build a network of artists, who donate part of their sales proceeds to cancer charities. The group consists of over three hundred members worldwide. Dorit is a founding member of the "Forum for Contemporary Photography Dresden". After living in Switzerland, Norway and Great Britain for fourteen years, she [...]

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Dorit Fuhg


From: In The Forest

Limited edition to: 10 + 2 AP

2015 / Germany / Digital

The series In The Forest is a personal project, portraying the beauty of, investigating the effect it has on our mental well‐being and showing the connection between individual trees. Dorit spent her childhood playing in and roaming the forest always being aware of the special atmosphere in the woods.
Sometimes she felt guarded, sometimes she felt intimidated, but she always felt that she’s entering the house or a community of living beings. Therefore, she’s intrigued by the outcome of the latest studies, that trees are able to feel, communicate and support each other.

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Production time: 30 Days

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