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Davide Padovan (Luino, 1989), is an Italian photographer based between Milan and Varese. He started to take pictures at the end of high school, when he realized that the immediacy of the photographic medium was more powerful and satisfactory than editing and copying them on paper. In order to deepen his passion, he enrolled in a professional course and after one and a half year of dedication, he got closer to the world of photography. After working for local newspapers, he is now collaborating with a number of magazines, advertising agencies and photographers, both as assistant and freelance editor. In love with analogical medium, he works mainly on long term series dedicated to female portraits and nude. In his series, he investigates feminine lines and surfaces contextualized in various scenarios. He is a deep observer, he searches for the surreal reality around him, as well as the sense of loneliness in contrast with the invasion of our private spaces. In the last few years, he h [...]

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Davide Padovan

Untitled #5

Limited edition to: 5 + 2 AP

2016 / Italy / Analogue

What interests me about the female body is the research of lines and surfaces contextualized in various scenarios. Nothing less, nothing more.

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Production time: 30 Days

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