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Anastasia Cazabon is a photographer and filmmaker from Cambridge, Massachusetts and based in Berlin, Germany. She is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and New England School of Photography. She constructs narratives revolving around mystery and the surreal. Her work explores the private moments in life, while turning the mundane into the extraordinary. She draws inspiration from dreams, memories, cinema and fairy tales. Anastasia also runs GRRL HAUS CINEMA, a film festival that highlights short films and video art made by women. [...]

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Anastasia Cazabon

Nail Polish

From: Dream Logic

Limited edition to: 5 + 2 AP

2016 / USA / Digital

Dream Logic is a photography series that explores the absurdity, horror and humor of dream life. One-third of our lives is spent in sleep, and within this time our brains never stop and are in constant activity conjuring up surreal visuals and stories while our body rests. During this time our subconscious emerges and plays on our inner fears, desires, anxieties, and loves depicting them in seemingly illogical, bizarre, horrifying and oftentimes dazzling glory.
The style of Dream Logic is inspired by Giallo Cinema, a genre of Italian cinema from the 1960’s and 70’s, that evoked horror, mystery and the supernatural. The style became famous for its surreal compositions, vivid colors, lush lighting and voyeuristic close-ups. This genre brings an odd combination of results that are disturbing, stunning, and even droll.

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Production time: 30 Days

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