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Alessandro Zanoni (1970) is an Italian photographer and graphic designer who lives in Milan, Italy. After attending Fine Art School and taking courses in illustration at the European Design Institute of Milan, Alessandro began his profession as a graphic designer, first in the world of printing and publishing and subsequently in web and interaction design. A devourer of music he has worked for a decade writing reviews for the influential magazine Jam. A true cinephile, especially of Asian cinema, he only recently began his approach to photography obtaining an important award at the IPA's and a honorable mention at the Sony World Photography Awards. He has exhibited in both solo and group shows in Milan and New York. A tireless metropolitan traveler, his work is focused on finding unusual and urban wastelands begging to be captured through the lens by his sleek yet detached gaze. [...]

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Alessandro Zanoni

Baotou #1

From: Postcards from Anthropocene

Limited edition to: 7 + 2 AP

2016 / Italy / Digital

A visual journey into the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, that depicts the massive transformation of urban areas China is going through. This series witnesses the present geological era, the Anthropocene, where landscape, earth system processes and dynamics are altered by humans. Every shot is a black and white instant that testimonies the transformation of the inevitable rubble and rural flight into the hope of a wealthy future made of asphalt surfaces and modern dwellings. Light and shade of architectural shapes define an empty space, where skyscraper prevails becoming Totem. Silence is everywhere.

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