Printing & Paper

Phinest provides high quality prints.
Careful artisan processes work together with technological tools in traditional laboratories in order to reach the finest results, in respect of quality and excellence. That, every step of the way, from the primary selection of artists, to the final realization of the artwork.
Speaking of which, the printing process is worth a mention: for the printing of its artworks, Phinest trusts specialized, professional printer ateliers boasting a long experience in fine art printing processes and sharing Phinest’s philosophy of high quality art and preservation. As a result, all printed artworks follow high resolution printing processes using inkjet printers adapted for fine-art printing. Precisely, we use giclée printing, the finest art printing technique, able to preserve all genuine vibrant tonalities and hues of the original image. Fine-art Giclée prints are a real works of art generated by the interaction between a computer and an ink jet high quality printer.
Giclée printing processes combine pigment based inks with high quality paper of superior archival quality, light fastness and stability. Indeed, in order to achieve the best result in fine art printing and in preservation of the artwork, it is important to use high quality products. Moreover, giclée prints offers superior degrees of fidelity, richness in colour accuracy and high detailed results. Also, in giclée printing, no screen or other mechanical devices are used and there is no visible dot screen pattern.
In order to obtain best results in fine artworks, we share with artists our technical know-how both in preparing the files for the printing, and in choosing the paper that best suit their needs and excellent results.
Phinest means fine art, fine quality, fine results.

In order to obtain the best results in fine art quality, giclée printing processes should work with superior quality papers. And this is what Phinest does.
Further, all Phinest artworks are printed in superior quality and museum certified papers, the best selection for longevity and colour reproduction. They are archival quality paper, acid-free and Ph neutral providing excellent results and a very high-quality look and feel. 
Following Phinest’s attempt in preserving art and its final result, we prefer to decide together with the artist the kind of paper that best suits his/her work in order to reach the best result.
We provide different kinds of paper, depending on thickness, smoothness as well as grammage, in order to adapt better to the artists’ needs and genuine results. Most of them are baryta papers and 100% cotton papers, both fiber papers that best suit giclée printing processes.

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