Riccardo Bandiera

Riccardo Bandiera


He was born in 1973 and lives a stone’s throw from the sea in Italy and discovered photography by chance after technical studies and a job as an engineer. For several years is a freelance photographer, professional writing at TAU ​​Visual, alternating commercial work and art exhibitions. He has exhibited in Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Arles, Turin, Genoa, Rome, in collective and personal.
The author paints vanishing women, his pictures need both semantic and iconographic interpretation, trascending mere sight and almost resulting into story-telling. Each image refers to a single story but can also be read starting from a particular feature. The same creative process is used in metaphysical art: an unusual environment places the main subject within a scene highlighting the importance of the present moment by drawing the attention to words behind each composition made of a single character in relation to a narrative background.



  • 2011 / Exposiciò Internacional De Pintura I Fotografia / Casa Batllò, Barcelona, Spain
  • 2013 / Paratissima PIX / Turin, Italy
  • 2014 / Hit PARAde Vol. 2 / ParaFortino, Turin, Italy
  • 2014 / Paratissima10/ParaPhotò / Turin, Italy
  • 2015 / Rewind< / LabJus + Tomassini e Ferraris, Turin, Italy
  • 2015 / So Strong / Riccardo Costantini Gallery, Turin, Italy
  • 2015 / Voies Off / Atelier Galerie Raphael, Arles, France
  • 2016 / Satura International Art Contest / Satura Art Gallery, Genoa, Italy
  • 2016 / Rotterdam International Art Fair / De Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 2016 / Biennal Arte Contemporanea di Salerno / Palazzo Fruscione, Salerno, Italy
  • 2016 / Paratissima12/N.I.C.E. Learning to Fly / Turin, Italy
  • 2016 / Anedonia / Artifact Gallery, New York, USA
  • 2017 / Vincent Littlehat.perspectives / Ingo Seufert Gallery, Munich, Germany
  • 2017 / Anedonia / Ugallery, Foggia, Italy
  • 2017 / Quando l’acqua / MAAD Museo d'Arte Adria Delta, Adria (RO), Italy
  • 2017 / Voies Off / Riccardo Costantini Contemporary, Arles, France

Publications & Interviews

  • Cover magazine "Il Fotografo" (Italy, 2014), "Stolen" (Australia), "Fluffer" ( Italy), "Chaffey Review" (California, USA), “Elegant Magazine” (France), PhotoVogue, Kock (Taiwan), NIF (Germany), worbz (France), ANormal (Spain), Artabout (Italy), I'm Shooting Film ( UK), Stampsy (Russia), Lithium Magazine (Spain),Last Daze (Australia), Suicide Girls (USA), Scorpio Jin (USA), Dark Beauty Magazine.


  • Best 15 artists – Paratissima9, Turin, Italy, 2013
  • First place winner photo prize / Satura Art Gallery, Genoa, Italy, 2016
  • First place winner photo prize / Biennal of Contemporary Art, Salerno, Italy, 2016

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