Marcella Zanki

Marcella Zanki


In the beginning of her studies at the Academy of Visual Arts in Split, she embraced photography and VJ-ing as a certain “warm-up” for bigger awaiting projects.
In 2010 she gained the title of mag. Visual Communications designer and started working for the prestigious production agency Urban Jungle, specialized for making music videos, commercials, short movies and gained the experience of working as a producer, a director assistant, and as an independent director.
In 2012 she moved to Belgrade and continued filming music videos and making short films, still as an independent director and photographer. During 3 years spent in Belgrade she accepted Gold and Platinum MTW award and other prestigious awards for the best music videos.
She won 2 MTV awards for best music videos, also few prestigious nominations worldwide for her fashion film Tamara Bombardelli and her short film ODE TO YOUTH had premiere on NOWNESS a global video channel screening the best in world culture.
Recently she started to direct documentaries for
Inspired by the experiences on many of her travels to distant locations, meeting new cultures and people, she developed the sense of photography, when many of her art was created. Soon she started photographing female bodies, portraits and edited photos and subsequently published projects and editorials to that subject. She also creates a collage of her photos and drawings and doing creative interventions on her art.



  • 2017 / Phifest / group exhibition in Milano. (Italy)
  • 2016 / Girl, you will be a woman soon / solo exhibition in NYC. (USA)
  • 2016 / DEV9T / Group Art Exhibition Festival.
  • 2016 / Two Sides of the mirror / group exhibition in Trieste. (Italy)
  • 2016 / Girl, you will be a woman soon / solo exhibition in Split. (Croatia)
  • 2015 / Girl, you will be a woman soon / solo exhibition in Pula. (Croatia)
  • 2015 / Girl, you will be a woman soon / solo exhibition in Rijeka. (Croatia)

Publications & Interviews

  • NAKID,,, YOGURT, FOTOCult, ROLLING STONE, RGSP, VICE, BEFORE AFTER, Buro 247, 42 Magazine, GLORIA and many others.

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