Irena Fabri

Irena Fabri


Irena Fabri (3th November 1986) studied at Dunav Film School, Department for Film and TV Editing, where she graduated in 2008. She started her professional career as a video editor for various TV companies, as well as First Assistant Director on feature films. Her first documentary movie “Awakening” was premiered in 2011 at “Beldocs” festival. Her work is usually based in the field of directing documentaries, campaigns and short movies.
Irena shows her artistic sensibility through photography. Photography largely relies on her main profession and is therefore quite cinematic and recognizable.
Since 2014 she’s member of UFUS (Film Artist Association of Serbia).



  • 2016 / Two sides of the mirror / Duo exhibition, Atelier Home Gallery, Trieste, Italy.
  • 2016 / Gallery L_A_B_O_S, Split / Solo exhibition, Split (Croatia).
  • 2015 / Festival Dev9 / group exhibition / Belgrade.
  • 2015 / Mikser – Neizdrž Black box / Belgrade.
  • 2011 / UK Parobrod - Omnibus Berlin / Belgrade.

Publications & Interviews

  • Kaltbult Magazine, Alwayz Therro Magazine, Dreck Magazine, Modna, Weand the color, Think outside the box, Errr-magazine, Don’t post me, Chromatic Watch, Wanderer magazine.


  • 2015 / The best photography award in the Film category / Stocky annual competition Stocky annual competition.

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