Studio Berné is an artistic studio dedicated to the art of photography. It is an atelier where professional modern tools mix with artisanal processes, following the best and highest standards of fine-art printing. In his atelier, Roberto Berné becomes a real interpret of photography. Through passion and dedication, he actively participates to the final result of the artwork.
The Studio opened in 2005 following the desire to develop a deeper and more authentic relationship between artist and printer. In order to guarantee to artists the finest quality in the art production, Roberto Berné, owner of the Studio, dedicated himself to deepen his research in the Fine Art sector. As a result, he transformed into the interpret of the needs between author’s vision and consumer’s needs.
Studio Berné realizes something more than just prints. In the careful process towards tailor made solutions, Roberto Berné works by means of the highest standards in all phases of the production. He is to be conceived as a proper curator taking care of his artwork not only in the printing process but also in setting up the exhibitions and managing artworks transportation.
It should not be a surprise the fact that some of the most famous international photographers choose to entrust their artworks to Studio Berné.
Studio Berné is art serving art.


Ci Quadro Cornici is the reference point for all people passionate about art and photography. More precisely, it addresses to all artists interested in adding value to their art with special finishing tools, such as frames, passe-partout, invisible glasses, etc. Every detail provided by CiQuadro answers customer’s needs and desires.
Ci Quadro has been serving art since a century, by realizing quality frames and by selling its services both to private and to the retail distribution, always following the highest standards. In this regard, Ci Quadro is the main distributor of Nielsen aluminum frames as well as TrueVue® glasses and Plexiglas, in Italy. It is a big task to accomplish but it proofs the high quality services Ci Quadro offers.
Ci Quadro counts a number of famous internationally known artists among its customers and works carefully to provide the best service for what they need. As a result, frames are handmade and tailor made solutions are preferred.
Due to the increased amount of services provided, CiQuadro studio has recently widen and refurbished its space, including a 150mq expository area where to host any artists interested in it.
Ci Quadro cares about art and works hard to satisfy the high standard art requires.


The big online library focused in photography and art. Rare books, collectors’ books, out of print books.
Obiettivolibri is an online library dedicated to the art of photography. It originated from the deep interest in photography and, to be more precise, from the interest in rare books, collectors’ books and out of print books.
Since 2005, the research and proposal of Obiettivolibri have been widened towards new sectors where images still prevail, such as cinema, architecture and artistic books. As a result, Obiettivolibri is now collecting more than a century of art.
You can find Obiettivolibri in many photographic events, both in Italy and abroad. Last July, they were in Arles for “Les Rencontres d’Arles 2016”.

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