Frequently Asked Questions


Does it exist a proper Gallery together with the virtual e-commerce gallery?

Phinest is an online art gallery and a daily updated source of inspiration. We don’t have a physical point of sale by now, but we don’t exclude that we could have one soon! Follow us and get to know it as soon as it happens! Meanwhile, you can lose yourself in our Webpage to discover new artists, investigate their works and deepen your own knowledge about international contemporary photography. Phinest is not just an art gallery but it is also a specialized portal where to make research and discover new issues about photography.

Is it possible to contact one of Phinest’s artists?

Unfortunately, Phinest is not allowed to share the direct contact of its artists. If you are interested in contacting them, you could write to us and attach the message you would like to send them. We will pass it on for you. However, we cannot assure a sudden certain answer by the photograph you are interested into.

Why should I trust Phinest?

Phinest represents the art of photography. It involves passion, care and emotion. Phinest does not sell art, it is involved in discovering, investigating and supporting culture in favor of society, to which photography represents its added value.
As far as the printing processes are concerned, artisan printing process works together with precise technological tools, managed with professionalism and care in order to guarantee the optimal success of the final result. Phinest cares about every single step of the realization, from the selection of the artists to the delivery of the artwork.
Phinest is conceived as an excellent source for established art collectors, as well as an optimal starting point for all people interested in becoming one of them.


What does it mean that Phinest’s artworks are limited edition?

Phinest takes care of Photography and it preserves each piece of art by providing a limited number of copies to be printed per photograph. The maximum quantity of copies decided per photograph cannot be modified, neither by Phinest nor by the photographer. Once the last copy has been sold, the artwork will be no more available. Phinest will regularly updated its Webpage with the number of copies till available.

How can Phinest guarantee the authenticity of print?

All Phinest prints are accompanied with a detailed certificate of authenticity proving the limited edition and origin of prints. The certificate is completed with date, author’s signature, serial number of print. Moreover, the uniqueness of the artwork is guaranteed by a numerated hologram provided both in the certificate and in the back side of the print.

What does it mean?

Phinest takes care of Photography and it preserves each piece of art by providing a limited number of copies to be printed per photograph. The maximum quantity of copies decided per photograph cannot be modified, neither by Phinest nor by the photographer. Once the last copy has been sold, the artwork will be no more available. Phinest will regularly update its Webpage with the number of copies till available.

How many printing editions does Phinest commission?

In order to guarantee the high exclusivity and optimization of Phinest’s prints, each of them is numerated and produced in limited edition, not overpassing a few sets of ten. Every piece of art by Phinest boasts care, precision and singularity in the production.

Why Phinest prints are more expensive than others?

Phinest is a high-quality exclusive art gallery. After selecting a strict number of contemporary artists, Phinest commits itself to evaluate their works and potentialities. Phinest prints are limited editions artworks to be collected as unique pieces of art. Photographs are printed on certified paper and the whole process is managed by an artisan atelier made of professionals that guarantee precision, attention and care in all the passages of the production. In order to satisfy its high-quality printing and exclusivity, Phinest has a more expensive range of price than other galleries.


How can I preserve my artwork?

All Phinest’s prints are high qualified artworks. We carefully supervise every single step from printing to framing in order to produce the finest pieces of artwork. In order to guarantee you the best quality of preservation, we suggest you to buy them framed: glasses and frame are the best way to preserve artworks. If you prefer to buy them without frames, we suggest you to handle them gently and carefully, using protection for your hands in order not to ruin it. Once you receive your artwork, we suggest you to take care of it following a number of easy common feeling steps. For instance, we suggest you not to place it next to a heating source, nor outdoor. Also, it is favorable to be careful in exposure as well and avoid to expose it to direct light. Better if it is exposed in a clean air space, free of acid, dust and pollution. Also, we ask you not to clean them up with detergents or cleansers in order not to damage it.

Do I need a frame for my print?

We select high-quality artists and artworks dedicated both to collectors and amateurs. All prints are conceived in order to be collected both with or without frame as unique prints, or as exclusive pieces of art to be exposed with frame. Phinest offers the possibility to personalize your choice, with a number of different solutions to customize your final artwork. However, we suggest to choose for a frame in order to preserve your artwork in the safest way.


Could I ask for an invoice of the purchased print?

Of course. You have just to consult the section “My Order” and download it.

How is the total amount related to shipping costs?

Shipping costs and customs duties are in charge of the client and the total amount is counted in the final step of the purchase because their amount changes depending on the customized artwork and the country of shipping.

Could I send the artwork to a different address than the billing one?

Yes, Phinest delivers its prints Worldwide. The only thing we require is to provide the right address in the space concerning the delivery.

How could I buy prints from

In order to guarantee safe transactions, Phinest artworks can be purchased through PayPal accounts, accessible both by credit card as well as prepaid card.

Delivery & Return

If the artwork that I receive is broken, what can I do?

If the parcel you receive contains a broken part, you should keep the packaging as it is and send it back to Phinest in three (3) working days, packaging included. Phinest will refund you with the costs.

I don’t like the print I bought. Could I exercise the right of withdrawal?

By agreeing to Phinest terms and conditions you already agree to the provisions related to the rights of withdrawal and return policy. Bearing in mind that Phinest works in the respect of what you require, by customizing your print as you ask and following the best standards possible in order to satisfy your dreams, you have the right to withdraw from the agreement. If you don’t like the print that you receive, you can send it back to us but shipping costs and custom taxes are on you. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have to let us know within the period of 14 days as better specified in the our terms and conditions policy. As soon as Phinest has received the items Phinest will refund the customer the value of the goods for which Phinest has authorized the return right, to the credit card, bank account or PayPal account used for the payment of the order, within 14 days.

Who should I contact in case of difficulties with the photo I have ordered on

In case of problems with the print you’ve ordered, you can contact us by writing an email to or by calling the phone number +41 435080039. We are available from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm and we will be ready to solve your problems and optimize your purchasing experience.

How could I track my order?

You can follow the state of your order by inserting the tracking code sent to your email after buying the print.

Is there any risk my purchased print will arrive ruined?

Phinest takes care of its artworks by giving custody of its prints to the best couriers, in order to guarantee an optimal and precise service. Also, every artwork is provided with a professional packaging able to guarantee the best protection during the transport. In case of damage, Phinest will take on the entire responsibility of substituting the artwork or refunding its entire amount. More and more detailed information are provided in terms and conditions section.

Why do you need so long to Phinest’s artworks to be delivered?

Every artwork from Phinest is hand-made. We personally look after every passage of the production, from the printing of the work till its packaging. We take care of it following tailor made standards of production both for printing, frame realization and the final confection. Once we receive your order, we pass it to our printing studio where experienced, professional artisans work in order to get the best result following the highest working standards. This require patience to let pigments dry properly before going on with the realization. The following passage concerns the realization of frames. They are realized on demand and they are cut and assembled in a specialized studio with a long experience in the same field. Once the artwork is complete, we personally take care of the final packaging: we choose both its case and its wrap, and we close it personally in order to deliver your piece of art in the safest way possible. As soon as the artwork is ready, we entrust it to our couriers and they will take care of your artworks from our laboratory till your homes. The attention to details step by step and the careful managing of the operations will make Phinest artworks to take a longer time than usual to be realized and delivered.

How long does it take to Phinest to deliver the print?

Four weeks is the average amount of time Phinest requires to complete the delivery. In fact, Phinest guarantees a high care and attention during the whole process of printing and packaging. As we do not own a proper storage, every print is realized on demand right after its purchase, in line with the quality and professionalism of the service we provide.


An error message prevent me to finish my purchase. Why? How can I solve the problem?

You can submit your message though the contact form you can find in the specific section of the website, choosing for the subject that best fit for you. Also, you can send us an email to explaining what is happening. Phinest works day and night to produce the finest artwork and we are available to support our customers in any steps of the purchasing, from the selection of the artwork to its formats or frames. You can write to asking for any advice you are looking for.


I’m a photograph and I’m interested in being part of the Phinest community, how should I do?

Phinest is always looking for new artists to include in its virtual art gallery where contemporary young talents are favored. We deeply evaluate their artistic education and we take care of their professional development. We accept spontaneous applications from all new artists desirous of becoming part of our community. If you are interested you have just to contact us.

I would like to distribute my book/catalogue/magazine through who should I contact?

If you are interested in distributing your book, catalogue or magazine through Phinest, you could contact us by email writing to We are constantly looking for new realities to cooperate with. It will be a pleasure to know yours.

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