Frames & Mountings


All Phinest frames are hand-made wooden frames. They are made in Yellow Poplar wood, a natural resource to be threatened with care and respect. Frames are carefully cut in artisanal laboratories, and they are crafted following artisanal processes that mix with the most sophisticated and modern tools.
You can choose among three different models depending on your personal taste. Their difference depends on their section (meaning the measure of their thickness and width): 50x20mm, 40x15mm or 50x50mm, respectively. They are all available in black or white. Paints are water based and acid-free, in respect of a long-lasting conservation of the frame and of the artwork.
Moreover, every frame is provided with a solid wooden backboard that keeps the photograph inside it fixed and stable. On the back of the frame, a good quality paper dust sheet protects the photograph from dust.


In order to offer you the finest piece of art, all framed pictures come along with a white museum conservative passe-partout. Passe-partout is 3,2mm thick and 5cm wide per side. It is made of pure cellulose paper, it has a neutral pH and it is acid-free. Passe-partout are not provided if the artist asks us not to, due to his/her personal choice. Otherwise, all framed artworks present it. The reason why we highly recommend the usage of conservative pass-partout, is not only because they optimize the final quality of the photograph, but also because they preserve the conservation of the piece of art. In fact, the printed area of the photograph should not be placed in direct contact with the glass or Plexiglass in order not to damage it. Humidity, as well as heating, could easily ruin it. Passe-partout helps to guarantee a longer conservation.


In order to guarantee the best result, Phinest provides all framed photographs with a 3mm thick Dibond®. Dibond consists of 2 aluminium layers sandwiching a core containing UV stabilized virgin low density polyethylene. Dibond helps to achieve optimal results in the final mounting of the artwork. It is the perfect solution for big size artworks. However, Dibond is recommended for small size framed artworks as well, in line with the high standards of Fine-Art printings.

Glass & Plexiglass

In order to enjoy your picture for many years to come, it is important to choose the right glass or Plexiglass protection. Glass protects the photograph from ravages of light and fading, from UV exposition and reflections.
While choosing for Phinest framed solution, you can select among an invisible glass or acrylic protection.
The UltraVue®UV70 Glass is an invisible glass that virtually eliminates up to 70% of UV rays. Its water white substrate provides crystal clear for better brightened colors and contrast levels. Its enhanced surface guarantees better durability and easy cleaning.
The Acrylic UV Protection glass is 3mm thick and it blocks UV rays up to 80% from reaching photos, thus prolonging their life. This Acrylic has high quality for vibrant colors and outstanding optimal clarity.

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