All Phinest’s prints are high qualified artworks. We carefully supervise every single step from printing to framing in order to produce the finest pieces of artwork. In order to guarantee you the best quality of preservation, we suggest you to buy them framed: glasses and frame are the best way to preserve artworks. If you prefer to buy them without frames, we suggest you to handle them gently and carefully, using protection for your hands in order not to ruin it. Once you receive your artwork, we suggest you to take care of it following a number of easy common feeling steps. For instance, we suggest you not to place it next to a heating source, nor outdoor. Also, it is favorable to be careful in exposure as well and avoid to expose it to direct light. Better if it is exposed in a clean air space, free of acid, dust and pollution. Also, we ask you not to clean them up with detergents or cleansers in order not to damage it.

We select high-quality artists and artworks dedicated both to collectors and amateurs. All prints are conceived in order to be collected both with or without frame as unique prints, or as exclusive pieces of art to be exposed with frame. Phinest offers the possibility to personalize your choice, with a number of different solutions to customize your final artwork. However, we suggest to choose for a frame in order to preserve your artwork in the safest way.

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