If the parcel you receive contains a broken part, you should keep the packaging as it is and send it back to Phinest in three (3) working days, packaging included. Phinest will refund you with the costs.

By agreeing to Phinest terms and conditions you already agree to the provisions related to the rights of withdrawal and return policy. Bearing in mind that Phinest works in the respect of what you require, by customizing your print as you ask and following the best standards possible in order to satisfy your dreams, you have the right to withdraw from the agreement. If you don’t like the print that you receive, you can send it back to us but shipping costs and custom taxes are on you. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have to let us know within the period of 14 days as better specified in the our terms and conditions policy. As soon as Phinest has received the items Phinest will refund the customer the value of the goods for which Phinest has authorized the return right, to the credit card, bank account or PayPal account used for the payment of the order, within 14 days.

In case of problems with the print you’ve ordered, you can contact us by writing an email to support@phinest.com or by calling the phone number +41 435080039. We are available from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6pm and we will be ready to solve your problems and optimize your purchasing experience.

You can follow the state of your order by inserting the tracking code sent to your email after buying the print.

Phinest takes care of its artworks by giving custody of its prints to the best couriers, in order to guarantee an optimal and precise service. Also, every artwork is provided with a professional packaging able to guarantee the best protection during the transport. In case of damage, Phinest will take on the entire responsibility of substituting the artwork or refunding its entire amount. More and more detailed information are provided in terms and conditions section.

Every artwork from Phinest is hand-made. We personally look after every passage of the production, from the printing of the work till its packaging. We take care of it following tailor made standards of production both for printing, frame realization and the final confection. Once we receive your order, we pass it to our printing studio where experienced, professional artisans work in order to get the best result following the highest working standards. This require patience to let pigments dry properly before going on with the realization. The following passage concerns the realization of frames. They are realized on demand and they are cut and assembled in a specialized studio with a long experience in the same field. Once the artwork is complete, we personally take care of the final packaging: we choose both its case and its wrap, and we close it personally in order to deliver your piece of art in the safest way possible. As soon as the artwork is ready, we entrust it to our couriers and they will take care of your artworks from our laboratory till your homes. The attention to details step by step and the careful managing of the operations will make Phinest artworks to take a longer time than usual to be realized and delivered.

Four weeks is the average amount of time Phinest requires to complete the delivery. In fact, Phinest guarantees a high care and attention during the whole process of printing and packaging. As we do not own a proper storage, every print is realized on demand right after its purchase, in line with the quality and professionalism of the service we provide.

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