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The contemporary art market is an overheated yet unpredictable world, where it’s not so easy to identify and evaluate single pieces of art, as well as series. This is even harder if we are talking about photography: an irregular, tangled sector that in the last decades has been involved in a remarkable growth. This is the reason why we offer our clients our carefully considered advices, taste for beauty and support in how to collect contemporary photography.

We can count on a group of experts with a multi-faceted background, moving from art to design, with ten years of expertise, specialized and passionate about contemporary photography.

We believe that collecting art is something deeper than buying art. If the purchase activity is based on likes and preferences, the collection activity is more purposeful oriented, related to a long term project. It requires knowledge, more than passion. Also, to a first phase of research and evaluation, it follows a second phase of concept focused in the meaning of the group collection.

Whether your goal is to buy a single photography or a series, we provide assistance in acquisition and sales of contemporary photography. Moreover, we provide research and professional suggestions regarding shipping, framing services and preservation of artworks.

Phinest is conceived as an excellent source for established art collectors, as well as an optimal starting point for all people interested in becoming one of them.

Art helps to create the character of the space. Whether for your firm, agency, office, restaurant, hotel or whatever place you would like to make your business reach the success, we can offer our support in creating an elegant atmosphere, enriched with fine pieces of art.

Feel free to contact us by writing to our email address. Bearing in mind your tastes, interests, space and whatever you would like to tell us, we will be happy and proud to give you our advices to help you make your own purchases.

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