In a world made of continuous changes, immediacy, and steady acceleration, Phinest and its photography represent a unique way through which to fix moments from our present and to collect, contemplate and show them in order to appreciate the surrounding space with new, more aware eyes.
Phinest allows us to stop the time in order to fix it, remember it and finally, live it again through single photos.
Phinest’s main aim is to personify the role of the art curator, involved in a never ending search for contemporary photography artists, both established and not, by selecting them through the taste and coherence dictated by the necessity of getting to a high level of quality and excellence.
Moreover, Phinest is aimed at making art accessible to everyone, through a virtual gallery that offers the possibility of choosing and customizing all different photographic supports and sizes.


Together with the personification of the role of the art curator, the aim of Phinest is to collect all the incentives proposed by contemporary trends, to promote beauty from simple, immediate and enriched in meaning photos, to highlight the importance the role of photography plays in our everyday life and in its tribute to contemporary cultural dimension. Also, Phinest wants to identify what is new and the potential of young artists’ talent to insert in its online art gallery, in order to make them grow, get value and excel.


Phinest is not only about photograph. It involves passion, care and emotion as well.
Phinest’s spirit consists in exploring the surrounding space, appreciating its beauty and dedicating itself to artists and the reality they are absorbed into. Also, it consists in supporting culture in favor of society, to which photography represents its added value.
Phinest should be conceived as the medium through which histories are shared; it is a container where people can meet up and take inspiration as well as motivation. To offer an excellent service is for Phinest the basic element needed to satisfy both artists and users, by enhancing artists’ work and making users’ needs concrete.


Phinest represents the art of photography, from the selection of artists to the artworks realization.
Phinest carefully selects its photographs, coming from all over the world. With each of them, Phinest builds a trustful, honest and respectful relation: three basic shared values needed in order to create a successful long lasting collaboration. Phinest carefully examines each of its artist’s career, both educational and professional, so to evaluate their potential development and to create the bases for their artistic success.
To the careful selection of its protagonists, it follows a scrupulous selection of photos, all refined and high quality works of art, limited edition ones, provided with author’s signature and serial number, in order to guarantee their excellence. Every image investigates the contemporary world with elegance and refinement, by creating an emotive connection between people and space.

As far as the printing processes are concerned, artisan printing process works together with precise technological tools, managed with professionalism and care in order to guarantee the optimal success of the final result.
Phinest is conceived as an excellent source for established art collectors, as well as an optimal starting point for all people interested in becoming one of them.

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